I Dwell in Possibility

I dwell in possibility. At the top of my list as I give thanks to God for all things wonderful, I regard my optimism as one of my greatest gifts. I think in yellows, oranges and pinks. When I wake in the morning, I say, “What will I learn, feel and embrace today?”

We all have a story to tell, but the way we choose to portray the tale puts it in the genre that will categorize it forever. Does the focus fall on the adventure, the beauty and the passion? Or is it a tragedy told in bitterness, malice and heartache? In truth, life is a little of both and a comedy foremost —  but my story will have a happy ending, because I choose it to be.

ThornsBecause I have an “I can” attitude does not mean I have no doubts or failures. It just means that I am not afraid to try. I do not give myself credit for my optimism.  It isn’t something that I have had to work at, it is who I am.  I believe that anyone can look at the bright side of life, although they may have to stop, take a step back and look at it from a different angle.

Faith, hope and determination are pieces of the whole that make up optimism, not to mention courage, curiosity and the ability to fail and fail again. Because trying again until success is achieved is the only way to progress. All progress begins with an idea, a desire and the belief of possibility.

It is when I am stressed or overwhelmed that I must remember, this too will pass. I turn my face to the sun once again. And in that warmth, my heart smiles.

My joys in life are simple. My children and grandchildren. The way my sweetheart’s hair stands like daisy’s in a field in the morning when he wakes up. The dance of falling snow and the unique design of everything living. The feel of cool sand and the warmth of a homemade afghan wrapped snugly whitmanaround me like my mother’s arms. The lovely ideas that come to me when I look at yarn, or fabric or plants. The smell of coffee and the sound of rain. Isn’t it lovely to remember that bread and water can so easily be toast and tea? Yes, I love a good cup of tea. I could fill pages and pages with the pleasures that fill my heart, and still I know there will be many more to discover before my time is done.

Perhaps the key to being an optimist is where we choose to put the focus. I placed on my office wall in bright pink letters a quote by Abraham Lincoln that pretty well sums it up. “We can complain because the rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” But another quote that I like is “If you can’t find any roses to stop and smell…then paint some, sew some, dream some up…there is always a way to find what we are seeking.”

After all, to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. And to nurture a seed of hope, is the certainty to growth and achievement. Once optimism takes root— failure, despondency and fear will waste away in the shadows of your dreams.

As Walt Whitman wrote, “Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.”

Help spread the seed of hope by sharing with me if you will, your favorite quote on optimism!



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