The Quintessential Heart-Awakening the Weary Soul

I see a flower petal. I hear the genuine deep belly laugh of a playing child. I feel the mist on my face and breathe in the fresh smell of rain mixed with the earth. My heart swells with gratitude and I wonder…Is it possible to awaken the gratitude in a weary soul with a few words that entice the benevolence that we are born with? Might the reminder of the promise of a new day and a whisper of soft green grass on bare feet ease a tired mind and rouse the propensity for thanks?

The miracle of God's gifts

While we rush and hurry as though our drive will somehow slow the rotation of the earth and therefor slow down time —  our minutes and our sanity slide through our fingers like sand, another day gone. There are no playbacks in this life. And just as the rich man loses a day the same as the poor one, the brilliance of the pinks and blues and oranges in the sky at end of day is free for all that pause and appreciate. Will we make a small memory to lock away and keep for always? Or will we lose the day and its blessings by failing to cup our hands and partake?

Just as we must feed our mind for wisdom, labor in life for nourishment and wealth, remain active for a fit body and sunflower beeseek guidance for spiritual balance, we must endeavor to secure the quintessential heart and awaken the joy in our souls.

My blog is simply a reminder and an inspiration to take what you already have. Feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face. Glory in the perfection of this world, rather than wallow in the misery. Gather your blessings so tightly to you that they form a barrier between your glad heart and the constant struggle to survive in this fast paced regime that erodes at our peace, day by day.

The idea of perfection that taunts and motivates us to achieve and move ahead, falls short at the core of our being – Our souls. True excellence and balance begins and ends in the pursuit of realizing this essence. If my text prompts you to contemplate the wonder of your being and delight in this serenity — then we together have become more nigh the quintessential heart.

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  • Suze

    August 7, 2015 at 2:37 pm Reply

    Yes! Beautiful truth!

  • Krissy

    August 6, 2015 at 6:09 pm Reply

    Great thoughts. I am intentionally slowing down and appreciating the little things everyday. Because they will be gone in a breath. I love you mom!

  • Mary

    August 6, 2015 at 4:55 pm Reply

    These words make me feel inspired to live each day as though it were the last one I might have. We need to enjoy all the blessings we have, we need to feed our souls. I love each word written and I will read it often. Thank you!

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